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Write for Growth Workshops happen on Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm, and are for anyone wanting to explore the potential of personal writing. Activities are designed to stimulate creativity and enhance well-being. Every workshop takes a different theme, making it accessible to the first-timer and fresh for the regular returner.

No previous experience is needed, just a desire to write and discover where words might take you. We enjoy discussing our responses to the activities, but you do not have to share what you have written unless you wish.

Upcoming Write for Growth events are listed below. Places are limited. Cost is £25 per workshop.

To book, call 07787 116603 or e-mail   Booking is confirmed by payment by at least one week before. No refund for cancellation at less than 7 days’ notice unless the place can be filled.

Write for Growth @ Gladstone’s Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3DF


On: Saturday, 7th October 10am-1pm

Theme: Freedom

Freedom is something to which we aspire, in both our writing and our lives, yet it can also bring challenges alongside its opportunities.

In this workshop we link in with the theme of National Poetry Day on September 28th, as we explore the various facets of freedom from, to and for.

Write for Growth @ CastlePark Arts Centre, Frodsham WA6 6SE


On: Saturday, 21st October 10am-1pm

Theme: Curves and Contours

Though our human tendency may be to construct straight lines, the natural world abounds in curves and contours, from our bodies to the landscape around us.

In this workshop we will meander off the straight and narrow as well as reflecting on the routes that bring us round full circle.

Write for Growth @ Gladstone’s Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, CH5 3DF


On: Saturday, 11th November 10am-1pm

Theme: Memory

Our memory can be a storehouse of sensory riches or a selection box of specifics; a source of delight or pain. It can pursue us or elude us.

On Remembrance Day we explore what it means to re-member – or re-assemble – aspects of our past in words, and how looking back may help us in our moving forwards.

Write for Growth @ CastlePark Arts Centre, Frodsham WA6 6SE

On: Saturday, 9th December 10am-1pm

thumb_IMG_0114_1024Theme: Messengers

They may come on foot or horseback; traverse sky or sea; deliver their content by hand or drop it into an in-box. Messengers, as poet Esther Morgan notes, may be  ‘Awkward, casual, oblivious,’ yet leave us ‘changed and astonished.’

We will explore the impact of messengers on our lives – and the messages we send.


A Therapeutic Journalling Group…



@ Quaker Meeting House, Chester CH1 3LF

7-9pm monthly, every second Thursday.

A monthly group for those wanting to join with others for encouragement, resources and experience of therapeutic journalling, using words to sustain them on their way.

Cost: £20 per session (£70 for four booked together), including refreshments. For further information and to book, call 07787 116603 or e-mail




On: Saturday, 28th October

From: 10am-4pm

@ Gladstone’s Library, Church Lane Hawarden, CH5 3DF

Therapeutic journalling is the intentional practice of writing to foster well-being, encourage insight and promote growth. It may be used as an adjunct to face-to-face therapy or as a continuation of self-care beyond the counselling contract. It incorporates a wide range of approaches: reflective, creative, expressive. This workshop follows on from ‘Therapeutic Journalling: The Basics’ held earlier this year, but will be accessible and welcoming for those unable to attend the previous workshop. We will continue to explore:

  • Key concepts and caveats in journal-writing
  • Different journal-writing techniques
  • Practical journal-writing activities (with no pressure to share the content of our own writing)
  • Applications for our clients and ourselves

Cost: £80  (Does not include lunch, but delicious options available at Gladstone’s Food for Thought Bistro)

To book, call 07787 116603 or contact







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