Creative Praying in Groups

This book offers fresh ideas for prayers in groups and meetings. It is an accessible resource for those looking for fresh ways of praying in a group meeting, whether a bible study group, a confirmation or adult education group or a class assembly at school. The ideas include visual aids, music and sound effects, dramatic activities and little liturgies, imagination, craftwork, walks and meditation.

£7.99 + £2.00 Package and Postage


As you read you can imagine actually putting these ideas into practice. This is the best new prayer or worship resource I have seen in ages.
Naomi Nixon in GoodBookStall Review (

The ideas strike me as uncomplicated enough to be easily useable – with the preparation and accumulation of resources not usually requiring a Blue Peter degree in making things earlier.
Joanna Cox, National Adviser in Lay Discipleship and Shared Ministry for the Church of England


Growing Spiritually with the Myers-Briggs® Model

Christians share a common faith, but a diverse range of personalities. How we grow spiritually will reflect these differences. The Myers-Briggs® personality type model can be a valuable aid to spiritual growth. This book sets out the model’s essentials, with profiles of the sixteen personality types. It explains how the elements of our individual personalities interact, and highlights potential areas for growth. It provides practical suggestions for devotional and everyday activities, to foster development of whatever aspect of our personality needs nurturing on our way towards wholeness.

£7.99 + £2.00 Package and Postage

Excellent and well written, best as a ‘bed side companion’ for people who have already attended the workshops and know their personality type preferences.
Jim Currin in GoodBookStall Review (

The author explains, better than anyone I have read, the 16 personality types, and then goes on to explore further subtleties in each type. She strikes a good balance between commending each person’s ‘best fit’ type and celebrating the ‘endless range of unique individuals.
– Review in Christianity Today magazine ( )

The author’s gifts bring readers a sophisticated understanding of the interplay between this psychological approach and Christian faith, and she achieves her stated aim of helping readers find their own ‘spiritual direction with Myers and Briggs and not through them.’”
Revd Jenny Francis, Assistant Curate and Psychotherapist, reviewing in the Church Times (


Making the Most of Mid-life: Christian Choices and Growth

At mid-life we can grasp the great potential for creative change and make choices that will enrich the rest of our lives. This book helps readers to chart the landscape of mid-life transition – before it becomes a crisis; to acknowledge, clarify and explore the themes characterising this life-stage, and to consider how to respond to them creatively. Chapters include quotations and poetic material, biblical wisdom, psychological insight, and personal material, as well as suggestions for reflection, action or prayer, further reading and resources.

£6.99 + £2.00 Package and Postage

I love the melding of the spiritual and psychological. The book resonates with me on all kinds of levels – emotional, intellectual, practical and spiritual levels. I have tried most of the end of chapter questions, too.
Steve Williams, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

The book is a remarkably informative and stimulating guide to mid-life. Indeed, much of the material is of relevance to those a little further along, too, for it deals with issues such as engaging with ageing and facing our mortality.
– Review in “Ministry Today” magazine (

The author helps her readers to see that they need to face the past and accept it, analyse the present and then move towards the future in Christian hope, so that our mortality is no longer something to be afraid of or pushed away. I found myself thinking ‘Spot on!’ time and time again as I read.
Carolyn Willett, reviewed in Home and Family magazine

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