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Write for Growth

Write for Growth Workshops are for anyone wanting to explore the potential of writing for themselves. Activities are designed to stimulate creativity and enhance well-being. Each workshop takes a different theme, making it accessible for the first-timer and fresh for the regular returner.

No previous experience is needed, just a desire to write and discover where words might take you. We enjoy discussing our responses to the activities, but you do not have to share what you have written unless you wish.

Write for Growth has been based at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden since it began in 2014, where it has been running every other month on a Saturday morning. The atmosphere of Gladstone’s is inspirational in itself. It also offers great dining facilities for our mid-morning coffee break. Participants often choose to stay on to enjoy lunch together there afterwards as well.

The advent of Covid-19 and the temporary closure of Gladstone’s Library has turned a necessity into an opportunity, as Write for Growth online is now coming into the mix.

To book, call 07787 116603 or e-mail  or follow the Eventbrite links for each event.

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On: Saturday 26th September, 9.45am-12.45pm

Online via Zoom 

Theme: ‘Only connect…’ 

It is fifty years since the novelist E. M. Forster died, yet the phrase ’Only connect,’ from his novel Howards End, published in 1910, has never seemed more relevant. In this workshop, we will explore aspects of connection and the forms it can take, as we seek to make fresh connections with words on the page. 

Cost: £25

Book at Eventbrite


or contact or call 07787 116603 to book your place.

On Saturday 10th October, 9.45am-12.45pm

@ Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden  (alternative location or online via Zoom if venue unavailable)

Theme: Map and Compass

The map and the compass help us locate where we are and maintain a direction of travel. Both are helpful adjuncts to a journey across unfamiliar territory. In this workshop we will reflect on different terrains mapped and traversed, both literal and figurative, and chart the journey in words.

Cost: £25

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or contact or call 07787 116603 to book your place.

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Writing our Path - A Journalling Course

Online on Zoom

On: Wednesdays 7.30-9pm, for 6 weeks from 23rd Sept to 28th Oct

A journal is ‘the perfect place to think, feel, discover, expand, remember and dream.’  Journalling is personal and purposeful writing that supports wellbeing, nurtures creativity and enhances quality of life. Writing our Path offers help for those new to journalling and some fresh momentum for regular journallers. The course is for anyone who wants to explore personal writing’s potential for self-care and personal development.

Over a 6-session workshop series  we will explore various aspects of journalling and a range of writing approaches, tips and techniques to make the most of our journals. There will be practical writing activities to try.

The series comprises:

1 Setting up and Starting Out

2 Freedom and Form

3 Sense and Sensitivity

4 Playing with Perspectives

5 Poems as Prompts

6 Reviewing and Resilience

The workshop will take place in a closed group on Zoom. It can be accessed via laptop/computer/I-pad/phone from the link sent out 48 hours beforehand, along with course material. Come willing to explore where words may take you and to share the experience in reflection and discussion. There is no pressure to disclose the content of your personal writing.

You can book your place via Eventbrite


WAY WITH WORDS  - A Journalling Group


'The unexamined life is not worth living,' asserted the philosopher Socrates. Journalling is one way of taking time for such reflection to enrich our daily living.

Way With Words is a monthly group for those wanting to join others for encouragement, resources and experience in using journalling to foster personal development. It is a group that offers mutual support in sustaining well-being. It is not a formal therapy group or a substitute for one-to-one counselling.

We explore a variety of approaches to journalling through different topics and issues. We also look at the practical aspects of journal-keeping. Writing activities have a more  therapeutic focus than in a Write for Growth workshop. There is also more more space given for discussion and feedback. Your personal writing still remains as confidential as you wish.

Way With Words meets in from 7-9pm on every second Thursday of the month, though is currently meeting online. Numbers are limited and cost is £20 per session (£70 for four booked together). To find out more, call 07787 116603 or e-mail

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    From writing stories for my younger brother, to penning poems for the School Magazine and filling a growing pile of personal journals, the written word has always been part of my life’s journey.

    I started out as an English Teacher and subsequently retrained as a Counsellor. I have counselled in a GP Surgery and worked with various Employee Assistance Schemes and Charitable Trusts alongside seeing private clients.

    Although I have done some freelance journalism and written four non-fiction books, creative writing has become my main focus in recent years.

    My poems have appeared online on sites including Amaryllis, Silver Birch Press, Clear Poetry, Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis, Riggwelter and Ink,Sweat and Tears. I have been published in Curlew and Bucks Mill Magazine, and anthologised in Our Hearts Still Sing. My first poetry collection, Chester City Walls, came out in 2015.

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