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Journalling Through a Time of Corona 3

  One great thing about writing is that even if we are physically stuck in one place, our writing is not in lockdown. Although in recent days, the Foreign Office has warned against holidaying abroad, we can still travel with our pens. This week’s journalling suggestions focus on writing about place.  Before we set off, […]

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Poems for Challenging Times 1

David Whyte’s The House of Belonging is – literally – a long poem, but it is rich with possibilities and is indeed, itself about possibilities. The poem points to an epiphany of some kind, as light literally dawns. it marks a shift to a new settledness, a fresh awareness.  This poem, with its short, resonating […]

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Journalling Through a Time of Corona 2

Life has certainly changed over the last week: Many of us are getting used to the space of self-isolation as those looking after our health and welfare grapple with the pressures of frontline working.  Wherever we are in this new territory, the advice of those ahead of us on the journey is to take things […]

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Words for Unwanted Journeys

  It was only after I’d finished writing the poem that I realised: this would be the last one I would write about my mother. From the time she had started to decline in health as Parkinson’s Disease advanced, I found some of the poems I wrote began to reflect this unwanted journey. I needed […]

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View from Maggie’s: Writing at a Cancer Care Centre

‘Sometimes I can see the hills of Wales…’ Paul reads his piece of free-writing in response to our Writing Group’s opening prompt: ‘Sometimes I can see..’ He describes, in attentive detail, a landscape he loves. Alan’s writing takes us into a different sort of seeing. He envisages a world beyond the troubles of this one, […]

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20-Minute Wonder

There’s something about 20 minutes. Maybe it’s because it represents the average adult attention span, but spending this time-slot on activities of all kinds seems to bring results: 20-minute meals are the promise of many a recipe website; 20 minutes of regular, vigorous exercise reduces the premature death-rate by…. you’ve guessed it, 20% (Beyond that, […]

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Writing with Trees

  ‘It’s an odd thing to ask a tree,’ said one of the writing group, lifting her pen and sitting back in her chair. ‘But then it’s a bit weird to be asking a tree a question at all.’ We were in a room overlooking the House and beautiful surroundings of Penhurst Retreat Centre in […]

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Putting Words to Cancer

   Both writing and talking can support us through tough times. Anthony Wilson found that different ways of putting words to his journey through cancer helped him survive the disease and regain his wellbeing. ‘I was having a coffee in the kitchen and caught the end of a [radio news] headline about a snooker player […]

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First Steps in Writing our Story

  ‘I feel as though I want to start writing my memoirs!’ said one client recently, as our work ended. At times of transition or loss, we often find ourselves taking stock and reflecting on our lives. We may want to gain a more connected-up sense of who we are, to re-ground ourselves and our […]

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