Counselling is for anyone who needs support in talking things out and thinking things through to find a creative way forward in an aspect of life. It can offer you a safe space to address a personal issue with a trained and empathic professional.

You could be facing:

  • Stress at work or home – or both.
  • Anxiety or depression
  • A challenging transition or difficult life-event
  • Loss – of a loved one, relationship, health or job.
  • The desire to change an unhealthy pattern of relating or behaving.The need to review – perhaps around life’s mid-point – where life seems ‘stuck’ or unfulfilling.

Creative Connections offers the opportunity for a confidential exploration of your particular concerns from a psychodynamic perspective in one-to-one, focussed counselling. Work is mainly short-term. As well as working with private, self-referred clients, Creative Connections is a local service provider for several national Employee Assistance Programmes. Please make contact to find out how our counselling services may help you or your organisation.

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