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It was great to work out for myself what letters I was and how I feel about that

The whole thing seemed like magic in terms of how accurate it was.

I realised that there were certain personality types I had almost moulded myself into or adapted to even though that wasn’t me.

I learned that having one particular tendency does not mean you are labelled with it. You can adapt to different situations.

It made me realise that I don’t have to be “my preference” all the time. It’s OK to adapt to certain situations. Now I feel I can be an extravert when I need to be, and be comfortable doing it, but go back to my introvert comfort zone when needed.

I learned how different personality types really do seem to work in different ways and that we need to make allowances.

It helped to confirm things for me. It was also good to learn that I shouldn’t feel bad for not being as much into certain things.

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